Saturday, May 12, 2007

Toronto Raptors' Mo Pete joggles

Apart from it being my birthday yesterday, the main highlight of the day was showing Toronto Raptor Morris Peterson how to joggle.

We were at a Reebok event to launch the brand's new Run Easy campaign and website. As part of the promotion, some Reebok-sponsored celebrities (for some reason, I was included in this category) went for a short run along the Toronto waterfront "at the speed of chat" and spoke with reporters and several dozen Running Room employees.
It was a beautiful, sunny day. I was up front joggling next to Mo Pete, fellow runner Predrag Mladenovic and Rosey Edeh from ET Canada, who is a former Olympian and world-class 400m hurdler.
Mo Pete was watching me joggle and asked to give it a shot. I handed over the Sport Juggling Co. "Joggler" beanbags and Mo immediately started to joggle! He was even better than Evan Solomon. It turns out that we both learned how to juggle when we were nine years old. I was seriously impressed that he could joggle right off the bat, but then again, he is known to have better-than-average hand-eye coordination.
Way to go, Mo! I got him to sign my Reebok Run Easy t-shirt, where he wrote "Joggle Easy!!"