Thursday, December 20, 2007

Best Joggles of 2007

It was a year of heartache and triumph, loss and redemption, but most of all, it was a year of jokes about balls. Here's my list – in no particular order – of the Top Joggles of 2007:

1. Barry Goldmeier runs at least two more five-ball marathons.

2. Fellow Canadian Travis Saunders just missed the 5K world record with a 17:05.

2. Tyler Wishau of Wisconsin joggles a drop-free 5K in 17:08, just 13 seconds shy of the world record.

3. Perry Romanowski sets the 50-mile joggling world record.

4. Perry Romanowski extends his streak to almost a full year of joggling at least one mile every single day. That's more than two million throws and catches.

5. Perry Romanowski joggles the entire Chicago Marathon during a massive heat.

6. Zach Warren and Michal Kapral duke it out at the Salt Lake City Marathon in a rematch to last year's much-hyped Boston Marathon joggling duel. Michal wins, but falls one minute short of Zach's record.

7. Michal shocks the joggling world by announcing his retirement.

8. Michal shocks the joggling world again by coming out of retirement to break the joggling marathon record, running 2:50:09 at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

9. David Ferman, 13, wins three joggling events at the IJA festival, including a 24.28-second five-ball 100m.