Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Track Race: A New 5000m World Record Attempt

I'd better get training because I've been invited to join another Toronto joggler for head-to-head track race in August to try to break the 5000m joggling record. I'll make the official announcement once things are finalized, but it should be an exciting matchup. We're going to have non-joggler pacers on hand to rabbit us under Kirk Swenson's record of 16:55, which was set way back in 1986.

I've joggled of couple of 5Ks on the road – recently the Father's Day Run in Toronto – but this one will be a serious attempt to break the record on the track. Joggling adds about 10 per cent to your running time, which means I'd have to get in about 15:20 shape for the 5000.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Canadian Running Magazine's Olympic Issue

Who’s Running the Olympics?
Canadian Running Magazine Warms Up the Track for the
Beijing 2008 Olympic Games with an In-Depth Olympic Issue

From 100m in 9.72 seconds to 42.2K in 2 hours, 4 minutes and 26 seconds, in the world of running everyone’s watching the clock and thinking ‘how fast?’ But at the Olympic Games, the ultimate international competition, the race is about so much more than time. Canadian Running Magazine’s July/August issue takes a comprehensive look at the running world behind the upcoming Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

From issues of Olympic contention to the athletes to watch to training tips from some of Canada’s top performers, Canadian Running Magazine gives readers the lowdown on running at this year’s Olympics. The upcoming Olympic Issue hits newsstands across Canada by July 1.

Below is an outline of the Olympic stories to catch in the July/August issue of Canadian Running Magazine:

High Standards
By Alex Hutchinson
Canadians Giitah Macharia and Tara Quinn-Smith were crowned Canadian Marathon Champions at the ING Ottawa Marathon in May, also qualifying by IOC standards for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, but the two champions will not compete in the most revered of international competitions this August. Find out why in the upcoming issue of Canadian Running Magazine. Senior editor Alex Hutchinson takes an objective look at Canada’s much-debated and often maligned Olympic qualifying standards and how they affect the running world. Speaking with current and former athletes, Hutchinson examines the hows, whys and repercussions of Canada’s high standards. “The real difference in opinion is what the definition of success is,” says Canadian 2:16 marathoner Matt McInnes commenting on the IOC versus COC Olympic standards.

Canada’s Olympic Hopefuls
When the Games of the XXIX Olympiad begin on August 8, a select group of Canadian runners will march into Beijing’s National Stadium in front of 90,000 spectators and billions of TV viewers, fulfilling what for many of them will be a lifelong dream. Canadian Running Magazine profiles some of Canada’s best hopes to make the athletics team. Contenders include Simon Bairu (men’s 10,000m), Reid Coolsaet (men’s 10,000m), Megan Metcalfe (women’s 5000m), Malindi Elmore (women’s 1500m), Hilary Stellingwerff (women’s 1500m), Carmen Douma-Hussar (women’s 1500m), Kevin Sullivan (men’s 1500m), Ryan McKenzie (men’s 1500m), Nathan Brannen (men’s 1500m), Alex Genest (men’s 3000m steeplechase), Gary Reed (men’s 800m), and Tyler Christopher (men’s 400m). Note that marathoners Lioudmila Kortchaguina and Dylan Wykes are also profiled in the article, but neither athlete successfully met the COC marathon standards by the May 25 deadline.

Paralympic Profile: Jason Dunkerly: Going for Gold in Beijing
By Kyle Desormeaux
Jason Dunkerly, one of the most decorated middle-distance runners in Canada, is heading to September’s Paralympic Games in China. An eye condition called Leber’s congenital amaurosis has left Dunkerly with no vision other than minimal light perception. Kyle Desmoreaux gives readers a little insight into Dunkerly’s world.

Fair Weather Fans
By Peter Hadzipetros
Picture the Don Cherry of running – starched singlet and plaid high-cut shorts, ranting about the Canadian way. It might be one way to cure our country’s fledgling running fan base according to Peter Hadzipetros. Canadians tune in to the running scene essentially only once every four years during the Olympics. This column gets Canadians thinking about the reasons our road races are lined with, well, nearly nobody.

Final Prep: The Call Rooms
By Leah Pells
Former Olympian Leah Pells gives readers a first-hand account of the typical check-in procedure athletes endure leading into a final race. From uniform scrutiny to logo management to health hazards, Pells provides readers a true behind-the-scenes look. Pells finished fourth in the 1500m at the 1996 Atlanta Games.

Run Stronger with Olympic Training
By Kristin Kent
Step up your performance with training tips from some of Canada’s leading Olympians. Learn how plyometrics can increase speed, power and running economy, ice baths can speed up recovery time from delayed onset muscle soreness, and new stretching techniques can add spring to tired muscles.

Tips From Canada’s Best: What’s Your Favourite Post-Workout Snack?
By Hilary Stellingwerff
From PowerBar recovery drinks and fruit with yogurt and granola to doughnuts and even squeezed lemon with cayenne pepper, find out what foods motivate and rejuvenate some of Canada’s Olympic hopefuls.

Canadian Running Magazine is available on special displays at Running Room stores across the country, in most Shoppers Drug Marts and at all major Canadian airports. Canadian Running Magazine is also sold at independent retailers across Canada (please visit http://www.runningmagazine.ca/ for a complete list).

For subscriptions, please go to http://www.runningmagazine.ca/ or call 416-927-0774.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Joggler wins race outright

On Sunday, at the Father's Day Run for Prostate Cancer, I won my first race while joggling. I'm used to being the top joggler in races, but this was the first time I won a race outright while juggling. My time of just over 18 minutes was well off the 5000m record of 16:55, but I still think I'd have good shot at that one if I could find a track race.

Dianne also returned to the racing world with an impressive 23:20.

Last week, I also ran into the newly retired Perry, who was in Toronto to watch the Jays play the Cubs. Perry told me he would be doing some joggling in the city. Sure enough, at the race on Sunday, Peter Donato my MyNextRace.com told me he was shocked to see another joggler running along the waterfront.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Tour de France of Unicycling

As many of you know, my joggling rival Zach Warren also holds the records for the fastest mile on a unicycle and the fastest mile on a unicycle while juggling. I learned how to unicycle when I was a teenager, for a high school circus, and I've been itching to try it again ever since. If I had the time, I would consider doing the Ride the Lobster race in Nova Scotia - an 800K unicycle stage race that starts on June 16. Naturally, I would do it while juggling. What would that be called, unicycluggling?