Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Joggling the Chilly Half-Marathon

(Photo: Jamie Lynch)

Can I break my half-marathon joggling record of 1:23:49 at the Chilly Half in Burlington, Ontario, this Sunday? I certainly not as well prepared as I was for the Montreal Half-Marathon in 2009, but I did lose a good chunk of time in that race when I dropped a ball at the start, so it's still possible. I'll probably pace for a 1:20 and see what happens. This is the course where I set my half-marathon PB of 1:11:58 – good karma.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Joggling Records List

(Image courtesy of STWM Staff)

Recordholders.org has a really cool historical list of all the joggling records HERE. It's funny to see how many times Zach Warren and I went back and forth on the marathon record. And it's not over yet – Zach has plans to try to break it this year. If he succeeds, would I have a go at it? Maybe, if I can negotiate a multi-hundred-dollar endorsement deal with Stride Gum, who gave me a year's supply of tasty and long-lasting gum after I set my last record.

There are quite a few astounding records in that list. including Mike Hout's 20.2 second backwards joggling 100m and Will Howard's 4:42 mile.