Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Joggling Makes "Unusual World Championships" List

Joggling made the list of "Unusual World Championships" in Mishpacha Magazine (the "#1 Jewish family magazine" – is there more than one?). There I am at the bottom looking very serious wearing a GoPro camera on my head as I joggle the Chilly Half-Marathon in Burlington, Ontario. Thanks to photographer Peter Hein for sending along the image.

Seeing this photo reminds me that I'd like to get some better POV joggling footage. The angle of the head-cam for that one was a bit too high, so you couldn't really see my hands, just the beanbags popping up into the frame. Next time I'll tilt it down to get the full effect. 

I switched up my training recently to specialize in 800m track racing. I haven't tried joggling this event yet, but last time I checked the 800m joggling world record was 2:14. A very tough record, but within the realm of possibility. Maybe I'll give it a shot ... with a GoPro.