Sunday, March 1, 2009

World's Best 10K Joggling Update

I fell well short of the joggling record at the World's Best 10K, finishing in 39:17, but the good news is that the race was incredible and I joggled it without a drop. Puerto Rico's world-class, IAAF Gold Label event is truly top-tier.

We're also here on a mini-vacation, staying at the San Juan Marriott, a resort hotel right on a gorgeous strip of beach. Not too many Canadians vacation in Puerto Rico, but I think they should. It's full of characater -- and there's a party atmosphere everywhere you go.

Vivian Cheruiyot won the women's race in 31:12 and fellow Kenyan Sammy Kitawara ran an incredible 27:26 to take the men's title. Considering it was hot and a bit windy, these times are surreal.