Thursday, March 15, 2007

Guinness World Records certificate unveiled!

Today's joggling plan: 10 miles

Here it is: the Guinness World Records certificate for the 10km joggle. This one has a shiny Guinness sticker in the bottom right that my other certificates don't have. Hopefully they'll put this record into an upcoming Guinness Book. It would be a great promotion for the Longboat Toronto Island Run.

I joggled home yesterday right after eating a big dinner out at a restaurant. I'm usually pretty good at running right after eating, but a large meal and two glasses of wine – Malivoire Pinot Noir and Kenwood Pinot Noir – made me queasy. I was joggling with my old Exerballs that weigh about five times more than the small Higgins Brothers beanbags, and I really have no idea how I joggled an entire marathon in 3:07 using these. They feel great to juggle, but my biceps were burning after about 10 minutes.