Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Flashing seven

Last night I flashed seven.

No it's not what you think. I did not expose myself to seven people. In juggling terms, flashing seven simply means that you throw seven balls up in the air in a cascade pattern, then catch all them. Seven tosses and seven catches. And today I managed to complete 12 catches of seven. This left me only two catches away from a "qualify", which is a full run of twice the number of objects you are juggling.

Alright, so some people can comfortably juggle seven balls for several minutes, but this was a big achievement for me. I was also just happy to be juggling at all, after taking off more than a week with that neck injury.

Today's shoot and sit-down interview with Evan Solomon from CBC News: Sunday was the most fun I've had doing a media interview. Let me just say that I think Evan may be the second-fastest joggler in Toronto.