Monday, April 30, 2007

How to recover from a joggling marathon

My recovery has gone well. Here are my six steps to a successful joggling marathon recovery:

1) Walk around as much as possible after the finish: This was no problem for me since I was rushing around meeting up with family, doing interviews and walking a fair distance to lunch.

2) Move arms around as much as possible: Lauryn wanted to be carried a lot, so that acted as my arm cooldown.

3) Keep eating and moving around: Ate a huge lunch, walked around some more, then went on a train ride on an old diesel train. This involved walking up and down between the cabins and hoisting the kids around to help them see the view.

4) Drink wine: My theory is that it helps relax the muscles, and I' m sticking to it.

5) Sleep well: Saturday night wax one of the best night's of sleep, ever. Those Marriott beds are heaven.

6) Take a week off from running, but keep juggling: Check.