Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Saunders just misses 5K joggling record

Canadian joggler Travis Saunders
(Photo: Stephen Petrick,

I ran home from work yesterday without joggling. I had my beanbags in my knapsack, and was tempted to bring them out, but I resisted and ran the entire route as a normal runner. To make up for the lack of juggling, I did some gut-wrenching short intervals.

I'm honoured to have been chosen as the Runner of the Week on the site, Faithful Soles. Check it out here.

In other joggling news, I'd like to congratulate fellow Canadian joggler, Travis Saunders, on an excellent 5K race this past weekend. Travis was trying to break the 5K joggling world record at the Limestone 5K in Kingston, Ontario. He ran a superb 17:05, missing the 21-year-old record by just 10 seconds. Travis told me he did drop once and that probably made the difference. I'd love to organize a 5000m showdown against him on the track. Could this be the start of a new friendly joggling rivalry?