Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Joggler would never do this

I may occasionally trip over the odd parking barricade or bump my head on a low-hanging tree branch, but I have yet to joggle into a lamppost.

My friend Matt once walked into a hydro pole in Ottawa. This was particularly funny because just before he collided face-first with the post, he was trash-talking a group of guys playing a video game on their front lawn on Canada Day.

Wearing a giant backpack filled with 36 bottles of beer and carrying a huge Canadian flag over his shoulder, Matt turned to the guys playing the game and said: "I'm going to come over there and kick your a** at that game," at which point he plastered his jaw directly into the centre of the post. After unglueing his cheek from the metal, he turned back the video-gamers and said: "But not just yet!"