Thursday, June 14, 2007

Introducing the Magic Slimming Pill

When people find out that I joggle and chase world records, and that I work as a personal trainer with Fitness At Heart, they often ask what the secret is to losing weight.

Here it is, the Magic Slimming Pill:

1) First, you eat your Magic Slimming Pill (a Jelly Belly in the flavour of your choice will do).
2) Next, you do some type of cardiovascular exercise every day. and ideally some strength training twice a week.
3) Then you eat moderate portions of healthy food frequently, including vegetables, fruit, legumes, whole grains and lean protein. Avoid trans fats, too much fat overall, heavily processed carbs and other mass-manufactured crap that poses as food because it tastes good. Don't drink too much alcohol, unless you're at your best friend's wedding or your own wedding or have another good excuse to do so.

Sounds easy, right? Wrong. Our current North American society is not designed for this type of lifestyle. In order to take advantage of the Magic Slimming Pill, you need to go against the grain of society, which has been designed to keep us as static as possible by shuttling us around in motorized vehicles of one kind or another and inventing devices to keep us sedentary.

We also live in a world where processed food is the most convenient to obtain. When I walk through the supermarket or convenience store, I often wonder what percentage of the total food in the store is healthy. My rough estimate for a supermarket is maybe 10% or less and for a convenience store, maybe 1%.

The magic in the slimming pill is daring to be different. Be a maverick: get regular exercise and eat real food in moderate portions.