Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Strength training and WAW testing

I've requested a test drive of the WAW velomobile (photo above, courtesy of www,bluevelo.com). Ray Mickevicius at Bluevelo tells me things are busy (maybe some requests flooding in since the Globe and Mail article by Peter Cheney?), but he'll try to fit me in sometime this weekend.

After doing some research, I think the WAW may be the velomobile of choice for me. I want to go fast, be fully protected from the elements and have a good space on the side to get an advertising sponsor. Who would like to sponsor a velomobiling bloggling joggler?

Since this blog is ostensibly about joggling, I will say that I'm starting to feel good about my pre-training phase for the September marathon. I'm doing some high-quality core work and strength training, running speedwork and plyometrics and generally trying to eat well.

Now if only my allergies would go away...