Monday, June 11, 2007

Scattered thoughts on record-breaking

Since I'm not officially training for anything right now, I've been experimenting with a mixed-bag of running- and juggling-related activities.

Five-ball joggling: I'm getting better at this, but am still unable to imagine running an entire marathon while juggling five beanbags. After experimenting with various techniques, the best strategy so far is to keep the pattern fairly low and heavily angled forward. This way I can run really fast to get the most distance out of my limited ability to keep the five-ball cascade going. Plus, the forward tilt of the pattern allows me to look forward at the road ahead, rather than up at the sky.

Backwards running: My backwards running is getting better and better, but doesn't get any less embarrassing. World-record retro-marathon pace (sub 3 hours and 42 minutes) still feels quad-wrenchingly difficult, though. This one will take at least another year's worth of training.

Stroller-pushing: Now that the weather's good, I've been taking both kids out in the Twinner Baby Jogger quite a bit. It's a great workout going up the big hills. I have no plans to reclaim my stroller-pushing marathon record, despite some generous offers from people willing to loan me their babies.

Non-joggling: Most of my running lately has been non-joggling. I'm working on getting some good speed in my legs before I resume joggling training for my final attempt to win back the record at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in September.